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A free, easy-to-read guide to a potentially
lifesaving procedure

Hearing that you need a colonoscopy can be scary, and preparing for it may seem like a tough task. Colonoscopy For Dummies® is here to help. It is a free, easy-to-read guide about this common procedure that will teach you about what you'll need to know when preparing for your colonoscopy.

  • Understand what a colonoscopy is—and why you may need one
  • Address your common fears and misconceptions about colonoscopy
  • Know how to plan for your colonoscopy
  • Learn how to talk with your doctor about colonoscopy
quote Dr Carol Burke

Many patients experience fear, anxiety, or concern when told by their physician that they need a colonoscopy. The tips and hints in this book should reassure patients by helping them understand the nuts and bolts of colonoscopy and its important health benefits.”

—Carol Burke, MD, Technical Editor
Colonoscopy For Dummies®

We've got your questions covered

Over the years, Dr Carol Burke has heard some pretty interesting questions about colonoscopy. She kept these questions in mind when contributing to Colonoscopy For Dummies®.

From the more conventional questions…

  • How long will the procedure last?
  • Do I have to take a colonoscopy preparation?
  • Do I need to ask a friend for a ride home?

To the unconventional questions…

  • Can I drink alcohol before a colonoscopy?
  • Can having a colonoscopy take off a few pounds?
  • Can you wear makeup when you go for a colonoscopy?

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